Date: 6 days ago   Category: Football

Zinchenko will not play in a return match of LCh with Tottenham

The Ukrainian received injury to a match of the championship of England against Cardiff. The head coach of Manchester City Josep Guardiola before a return quarterfinal match of the Champions League about Tottenham Hotspur told about the state of health of the injured football players.

"I do not think that Zinchenko will play today. The others returned to a system, restoration takes place well. Fernandinho was engaged yesterday, though not so intensively. Aguero is ready. However he needs a little more time to regain a form", - official twitter of club cites Guardiola's words. we Will remind

that the return match 1/4 Champions Leagues of Manchester City - Tottenham will be held on April 17 at 22:00 on the Kiev time. On our website online broadcast of a match will be available. Earlier injured Zinchenko showed how many sweat from it flows down on the exercise bike.



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