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Worldwide market indexes collapsed

Worldwide market indexes collapsed
On the stock exchanges of the world there was a collapse of indexes. Analysts explain falling with increase in interest rates and the trade conflict between the USA and China. Next day after the strongest for many months of fall of the German DAX stock index its decrease continued at the beginning of the auction on Thursday, October 11. So, DAX dropped by 1,34% - up to 11555 points that became the lowest indicator since February, 2017. The Japanese Nikkei index failed on the same day almost for 4%, and courses at the Shanghai exchange - almost for 5%, to the lowest level since November, 2014. Wednesday, October 10, became one of the worst days of the current year on Wall Street. The American Dow Jones stock index sank for 3,15% - up to 25598,74 points. The index of the hi-tech companies Nasdaq decreased by 4,08% - it became the biggest minus more than in two years. Analysts explain falling at the exchanges, first of all with increase in interest rates and also the trade conflict between the USA and China, the state debt of Italy and uncertainty of a situation with Brexit. Source: The Russian service DW of News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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