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Work is deadly to women at night – scientists

The night schedule of work at women increases risk of development of a breast cancer to 80 percent.
Night work poses a deadly threat for women. It is about a 10-hour night shift more than three nights a week. Scientists from Canada have come to such conclusion, MedicalXpress reports. The research in which 13 thousand women aged from 55 up to 59 years from Canada have participated, of Australia, France agrees, Spain and Germany such schedule increases risk of development of a breast cancer to 80%. Scientists consider that work at night days interrupts development at women of melatonin which possesses antineoplastic action. As a result at 6,1 thousand examinees the breast cancer has been found. At the same time for restoration of production of melatonin after dismissal the woman needs two years. We will remind, earlier in Austria have legalized the 12-hour working day. The Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun has told how to make this process the most comfortable and not to leave. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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