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Will remove one of characters because of charges of racism from Simpsonov

The legendary American series will lose the minor character by name to Ap Nakhasapimapetilona.
the Character Apa Nakhasapimapetilon can disappear from a popular cartoon serial of Simpsona. According to the audience, he forms an improbable and offensive image of the American Hindus, IndieWire writes.
to Ap is a minor character in a cartoon serial. He has moved to the American city of Springfield from India and has opened the Quick shop. One of his distinctive features is the pronounced Indian accent.
the Hero has caused great public outcry which have nicknamed "a problem Apa". In 2017 the comedian of Hari Kondabolu has devoted to this subject the documentary telling about stereotypes concerning the American Hindus.
according to media, creators Simpson intend to get rid of this character, being afraid of charges of racism.

of Simpsona – the longest for all history of the American television animated series. He has been thought up by Matt Grayning in 1989
we Will remind, earlier the episode Simpsonov was sounded on the Transcarpathian dialect. Besides, in Simpsonakh have derided Trump's phobias. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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