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Whyte has won against Parker, having twice sent him to a knock-down

Whyte has won against Parker, having twice sent him to a knock-down
Fight with three knock-downs has for two come to the end with British victory. The British superheavyweight Dillian Whyte has won a victory the unanimous decision of judges in fight with the ex-world champion in the version of WBO New Zealander Joseph Parker. Already in the second round Parker for the first time in the career has appeared in a knock-down. However, repetitions have shown that the heading from Whyte became the knock-down reason nevertheless. In general fight has taken place at small advantage of Whyte who acted dirty, but the referee didn't hurry to fine him. Parker looked more tired, boxed with the lowered hands. Whyte worked on exhausting Parker even more — punched on the case, leaned. In the ninth round Dillian has sent the opponent to really heavy knock-down excellent left side in a chin. However, Parker was restored also in the final two rounds, understanding that he loses, has gone in for broke, in a final round has sent Whyte to a scaffold the right blow to the head. Whyte with huge work, but has held on standing to a final gong. Following the results of 12 rounds of the judge have given to Dillian a victory the unanimous decision: 115:110, 114:111, 113:112. We will add that in the same evening of boxing of Chisor brutally I knocked out Takam. Subscribe also for our page about boxing in Telegram!



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