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Where there will live Oksana Mucha, the winner of the show Voice kra§ni-9

The Novabudova company is the 4th year in a row the main sponsor of a grandiose vocal show of Ukraine "A kra§na voice". It supports actions in which talents of young people reveal. In this season of Novabudov presented to the winner of the show "Voice kra§ni-9" Oksana Mucha the three-room apartment in ZhK "Crystal Avenue"! As everything occurred: Let's consider

where there will live Oksana Mucha? The housing estate of a business class of "Crystal Avenue" is in the Peter and Paul Borshchagovka, namely: 300 m from Okruzhnaya Road and 7 min. from the Zhytomyr subway. Such arrangement will allow Oksana to save time of trips to concerts. Also she will be able to use infrastructure of the capital and suburb at the same time. On the one hand, shopping centers are located: "April", "Promenade", "Epicentre", Billa supermarket and Auchan hypermarket, and with another — the lake and the Peter and Paul Borshchagovka's nature. All territory of a complex is under the round-the-clock protection and the system of video surveillance. Playgrounds, kindergarten, the playground and recreation areas are provided. For owners of cars the underground parking and the guest parking are thought over. Here it is beautiful and quiet — what is necessary for the new ideas and development of creativity of Oksana.

In the hall of each house is established a design lobby with a reception, a recreation area and Wi–Fi - it is the excellent decision for communication and the business card for the singer's friends. Also is an ideal decision for the winner, she will be able to combine the homeliness and to use the apartment as recording studio. Loud music will not disturb neighbors as in the apartment remarkable sound insulation. Do you want to become Oksana Mucha's neighbor? Invest already today! In the Novabudova company the promotional offer works: buy the apartment in ZhK of a business class "Crystal Avenue" and PAY for it PARTS for 1 year: ● without rise in price for sq.m;
● without percent;
● without overpayments. Save up to 900 UAH on each square meter! Crystal Avenue is a trend of investment into the real estate! Call right now: 0444992567 0676638935, come to viewing of apartments: Kiev Region, page. Peter and Paul Borshchagovka, Sobornaya St., 14-A.



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