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Water ice. What scientists have found on the surface of the Moon

Water ice. What scientists have found on the surface of the Moon
Astronomy was for the first time found by direct proofs of presence of a layer of water ice on the satellite of Earth. Scientists have finally proved availability of water ice on the surface of the Moon. For the first time it managed to be established not by indirect, but direct observations from a circumlunar orbit. Ice on Loong was found in subpolar areas in so-called cold traps - constantly darkened areas around poles where extremely low temperatures reign. Корреспондент.net tells details. Water on Loong Astronomy have for the first time found direct proofs of presence of a layer of water ice on a surface in the subpolar regions of the Moon, it is told in article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences magazine. The small inclination of an axis of rotation of the Moon, Mercury and Ceres in relation to the ecliptic plane suggested to scientists an idea that in polar regions of these bodies of Solar system there can be features of a relief forming eternally shaded places to which sunlight never gets long ago. Bombs are cancelled. Mars won't become Novaya Zemlya As a result yet, temperature in such places has to be very low and be defined only by heat streams from a subsoil and light reflected from the next walls. It is considered that such places, as a rule it is craters, have to act as traps for volatiles, and first of all, for water which can collect there for a long time. "The most part of ice is in a shadow of craters near poles where temperature doesn't rise above-156,5 degrees Celsius. Sunlight never comes to these parts of a surface because of a small inclination of an axis of rotation of the Moon", - it is said in the statement of NASA for opening. Before the evidence of presence of water ice on Loong the probe Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter and the Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satelli station found. However they could point also to other connections, for example, on hydroxyl groups. Liquid water on Mars. As have made discovery the Direct evidence has been obtained by means of the Moon Mineralogy Mapper tool onboard the Indian probe Chandrayan-1. Researchers analyzed ranges of the radiation reflected from the surface of the Moon. The main advantage of this method is that it allows to measure directly molecular vibrations and to distinguish water ice from other similar connections or water in any other form (liquid, absorbed by a surface or as a part of the hydrated minerals). Researchers studied areas between regions on which direct sunlight, and constantly darkened zones falls. Water ice on Loong Proanalizirovav this range, astronomers have found reliable signs of presence of water ice directly on a lunar surface - at a depth less than several millimeters. "We have found the direct and decisive proof of availability of naked water ice in lunar polar regions. The surplus and distribution of ice on Loong differ from a situation on others of bezatmosferny bodies of Solar system, such as Mercury and Ceres that it can be connected with a unique f



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