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Wasserman acted in the new clip by Buzova

In the new clip Olga Buzova imagined herself the president and forced to dance Anatoly Wasserman.
the Participant of the Russian intellectual TV shows Anatoly Wasserman acted in the new clip by the TV host and singer Olga Buzova. Dance
In the new clip which received the name under Buzova, the actor Andrey Gaydulyan and Aleksandra Valeskevich and also several famous bloggers also took part. "Such work you from me definitely did not wait for
, but, believe, I and did not expect it from myself. Thanks to all my friends that, as well as I, you are able to laugh over me", – the singer wrote to Instagram.


Leningrad released the clip we Will remind of female monsters
, last year "the most beautiful criminal" acted in the clip by Buzova. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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