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Waited for Macedon. Who lies in a black sarcophagus

Waited for Macedon. Who lies in a black sarcophagus
Have found remains of three people in unusual burial. At one of mummies the skull has been broken. In the Egyptian city of Alexandria have accidentally found a black granite sarcophagus weighing about 30 tons - the biggest of all, ever found in Alexandria. Scientists have assumed that in him there could be ashes of the tsar and great commander Alexander of Macedon. Researchers have found three buried mummies in a sarcophagus - two buried were men, the third - the woman. But any of them wasn't Macedon. Корреспондент.net tells details. The mystery of a black sarcophagus at the beginning of July in the territory of Alexandria the workers who were clearing away the territory for construction of the new building have come across a black sarcophagus. The relic 185 centimeters high, 265 centimeters long and 165 centimeters wide weighs about 30 tons and is made of granite of black color. Archeologists dated construction of a sarcophagus the period of board Ptolemeev during an era of Hellenism which has begun after Alexander the Great's death in 323 BC. Horse, lame and whole street. New discoveries of Pompeii Near a sarcophagus have also found the man's bust made of alabaster, which is presumably representing the one who possesses a tomb. The layer of special solution between a cover of a sarcophagus and a body indicated that his contents have lain untouched from the moment of burial. Could lift a find only by means of military equipment as construction cranes haven't succeeded to pull out a sarcophagus. After opening it has become clear that the sarcophagus has been flooded with water. Have found remains of three people in him. The skull of one of them has been broken therefore researchers have assumed then that all of them could be soldiers. Not Cleopatra. A secret of crash of Ancient Egypt However the researchers who are engaged in studying of remains is revealed on August 19 have reported that they have established whom were three mummies buried in him. "Preliminary researches of group of scientists led by Zeynab Hashish have allowed to assign gender and age buried at the time of death, their growth according to measurements of skulls, a basin, bones within the anthropological research", - the head of the Council concerning monuments to antiquity Moustapha al-Vaziri has said. According to scientists, two buried were men, the third - the woman. Growth of the woman was from 160 to 164 cm, at the time of burial she executed 20-25 years. One of men has been buried at the age of 35-39 years, his growth was 160-165 cm, growth of the second - 179-184 cm, his age - about 40-44 years. In the head of one of them the opening which could become a consequence of operation on cranial trepanation was revealed. "It is known that cranial trepanation is one of the most ancient operations in the history of mankind, however in Egypt she met extremely seldom", - the researcher Zeynab Hashish has told. Scientists plan to continue a research of remains for what are going to carry out DNA examination. Why not Macedon of Golden Masks and other luxury goods in са



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