Date: 3 months ago   Category: Football

Vorskla in a dramatic match missed a victory over the Arsenal

Poltavchane did not manage to break through in number top-6 teams which will hold medal events UPL.B a match of the 22nd round of the championship of Ukraine the Poltava Vorskla missed a victory over Arsenal Kyiv last seconds of a match. The arsenal left fixed in the 8th minute. After giving from angular Vakulenko punched precisely in a bottom corner of gate. In the middle of a time balance was restored by Sharpar who caused a stir from a 11-meter mark. In the second half of a meeting Vyacheslav scored the second goal - and again with a penalty. But last seconds of a duel the double issued also Vakulenko, having realized a penalty kick. Arsenal Kyiv — Vorskla of 2:2
Goals: Vakulenko, 8, (foams.), 89. — Sharpar (foams.), 23, (foams.) 56 Arsenal Kyiv: Pidkivka — Dubinchak, Vakulenko, Bashlay, Zhichikov — Dombrovsky (Yanakov, 71) — Kadimyan (Sagutkin, 55), Tankovsky, Orikhovsky (Lipartiya, 61), Avagimyan — Kovpak.

Vorskla: Шуст — Perduta, Chesnakov, Giorgadze, Sapay — Sharpar, Gabelok (the Child, 76) — Kareka, Sakiv, Artur, Kolomoyets (Shekhich, 90 1). Prevention: Kadimyan, Pidkivka — Kolomoyets, Giorgadze, the Child, Perduta. Thus, the poltavchena did not manage to break through in number top-6 teams which in the second stage will hold medal events of the championship of Ukraine.



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