Date: 7 months ago   Category: Football

Vorskla conceded to Sportingu in the last match in a year

In Lisbon the match of the 6th tour of group stage LE between local Sporting and the Poltava Vorskla came to the end. Vorskla lost Sportingu within the final tour of a group stage of the Europa League. Tournament deals were clear for teams to a starting whistle, and therefore this match initially lost an intrigue. Nevertheless, a game was rich in goals. However, only football players of the Portuguese club hammered. In the 17th minute the account was opened – the ball funny found Montero's head then it appeared in a grid of gate. Less than 20 minutes it was required to "lions" to double advantage. The next position attack of Sportinga came to the end with a lumbago from the right flank, and free Luish in the penalty area of Vorskla needed only to close transfer. Before leaving on a break the account became devastating – to Dallk tried to interrupt giving to the shooting area, but only transported a shell to the gate. In the second half of a meeting especially nothing changed. Portuguese mainly owned a ball, creating the moments at Tkachenko's gate, and at Sachko's wards, frankly speaking, nothing was glued. Thus, Vorskla only on the best difference of hammered/passed managed to take the third place in group E. In an asset полтавчан one victory over Karabakh and, respectively, three points. Portuguese, in turn, gained 13 points and reached the playoffs from the second place. Also they became one of possible rivals of the Kiev Dynamo on 1/16 finals of LE. The Sporting is Vorskla 3:0
Goals: Montero, 17, Luish, 35, to Dallk, 44 (own goal) of Sporting: Salen – Ristovski (Corella, 64), Koates, Pint, Akunya – Petrovich, Miguel Luish, Fernandesh (Pasch, 73) – Kabral, Manet, Montero (Markesh, 59) Vorskla: Tkachenko – Perdut, Dallka (Kolomoyets, 46), Chizhov, Sakiv – the Child, Sklyar, Chesnakov, Artur (Canet, 77) – Gabelok – Kareka (Sergiychuk, 68) Preventions: Petrovich



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