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Volnoplan. China has tested a hypersonic rocket

The Xingkong-2 aircraft can bear nuclear warheads and overcome any modern antimissile system. China declared successful test of the hypersonic Xingkong-2 aircraft. High speed and unpredictability of a trajectory allows the device to deliver nuclear warheads and to overcome any system of missile defense existing now, the Chinese military report. It is known that also work on hypersonic weapon in the USA and Russia. Корреспондент.net tells details. The Chinese Star sky the Chinese experts I have successfully tested the hypersonic Xingkong-2 aircraft (Star sky-2). It is reported on August 6 by media, referring to the Chinese academy of space aerodynamics. Tests have taken place on August 3 in the northwest of China, but the exact place is secret. Volnoplan started by means of a rocket has made a number of maneuvers and has landed in the set zone. He was airborne ten minutes. Treason in Roskosmos. The scientist "has merged" NATO a hyper sound during tests it has risen by 30 kilometers and has gathered speed in 5,5-6 moves, the Chinese military report. Xingkong-2 is capable to gather speed over 7,1 thousand kilometers per hour.
China has successfully tested its first waverider hypersonic flight vehicle, weapon that can carry nuclear warheads and break through any current generation anti-missile defense system due to its high speed and unpredictable trajectory. — Global Times (@globaltimesnews)
Xingkong-2 accelerates on August 6, 2018 shock waves which are formed after passing of a sound barrier. The aircraft can bear nuclear warheads and overcome any modern antimissile system thanks to the high speed and an unpredictable trajectory, claim in China. Electromagnetic gun: the newest weapon of Naval Forces of China In the Chinese academy of space aerodynamics was told that they were engaged in development of the device for three years. The Chinese hypersonic rocket / China Daily Is planned that Xingkong-2 will arrive on arms of the Chinese army after completion of tests. What Russia and the USA have last month Washington Post wrote that China and Russia overtake the USA in creation of hypersonic weapon which can strike within one-two hours blow in every spot on the globe. Having faced threat of loss on this piece of a race of arms, the Pentagon in a priority order has undertaken development of a hypersonic rocket. Space troops of the USA. Against whom and than the U.S. Air Force will battle recently declared that have transferred the Lockheed Martin companies the contract worth nearly one billion dollars for design and construction of the hypersonic aircraft. And the Boeing company has reported that it will make investments in the British firm which is engaged in production of modern propulsion systems which will be able to set the hypersonic aircraft in motion. Перв



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