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Victory in England on Yanukovych's debt. What's next

Victory in England on Yanukovych's debt. What's next
The English court has accepted one of four arguments of Ukraine and has sent business for revision. Russia intends to appeal against the decision. The Court of Appeal of England and Wales has partially satisfied on September 14 the complaint of Ukraine which has demanded to cancel the decision of the High Court of Justice which in the simplified order recognized a debt of Kiev to Russia for the sum over three billion dollars on eurobonds of 2013. The court has directed business to revision, having accepted an argument of the Ukrainian side that eurobonds have been issued under pressure of Russia. The Vyskoky court London will carry out the new procedure, but not accelerated as to the appeal, and classical, taking into account all aspects of business. It will delay an opportunity to recover from Ukraine a debt in favor of Russia. Moscow has already stated that it appeals against this decision in the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. Корреспондент.net tells details.
Appelyatsionny court has delayed a debt of Ukraine the Court of Appeal has published on September 14 the decision on the complaint of Ukraine within the dispute on payment of a debt to Russia over eurobonds which have been issued at the former Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych. On March 29, 2017 the High Court of Justice has satisfied the petition of Russia for the accelerated order of consideration of the case, having recognized that the dispute is commercial, but not political. Kiev appealed against the decision of the High Court of Justice, and his execution has been suspended before passing a verdict of the appeal. The Ukrainian side in court has stated that Moscow threatened, and before issue of eurobonds has introduced "unfair" trade restrictions against Ukraine. Kiev has also emphasized that because of such pressure Ukraine has been forced to refuse signing of already agreed Contract on association with the EU and has lost access to the international sources of financing. Therefore "there is no other choice left", except sale of state bonds of Russia. It, according to Ukraine, is the sufficient basis for refusal of implementation of payment obligations. The English Court of Appeal has decided that this argument has to be considered in full judicial proceedings, but not in the simplified legal proceedings order as it has been made last year. Russia in court denied presence of such pressure and the consequences stated by Ukraine. As have noted in the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the decision of the High Court of Justice within the eurobonded dispute with Russia over the complaint of both parties is expected at the end of 2019. "Ukraine is sure that it will manage to convince the Supreme Court to recognize and uphold conclusions of Court of Appeal. Anyway Ukraine looks forward to an opportunity soon to declare the arguments and to provide proofs of arbitrary acts of aggression of Russia during full and open consideration of the case in the English court", - it is said in the statement. Russia will address to "higher instance" the Vervy Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov has said that Moscow will address to higher instance. "We will appeal to the Supreme Court of England and are sure that the English justice will be able objectively to understand and make the relevant decision. The present decision for some time откладыв



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