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Vettel has won qualification of the Grand Prix of Germany, Hamilton - the 14th

On the autodrome Hokkenkhaymring there has passed qualification of the Grand Prix of Germany. The pilot Ferrari Sebastian Vettel has won qualification of the Grand Prix of Germany of Formula One. The second the racer Mercedes Valtteri Bottas finished. The third time was shown by one more representative of Ferrari Kimi Räikkönen. One of leaders of the championship Mercedes's pilot Lewis Hamilton has been forced to withdraw already on the second segment – at a distance at him the transmission has failed. British hoped to reach to boxes, but mechanics have convinced him to leave a race car. Thus, in tomorrow's race Hamilton starts even the 14th. We will note that Daniel Ricciardo in the second segment didn't even show time as the pilot of Red Bull will start the last because of a penalty for replacement of elements of the engine. Formula One. Grand Prix of Germany. Qualification 1. Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) — 1.11,212
2. Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) — 0,204
3. Kimi Räikkönen (Ferrari) — 0,335
4. Max Verstappen (Mercedes) — 0,610
5. Kevin Magnussen (Haas) — 0,988
6. Romain Grosjean (Haas) — 1,332
7. Nicko Hyulkenberg (Renault) — 1,348
8. Carlos Sayns (Renault) — 1,480
9. Charles Leclair (Zauber) — 1,505
10. Sergio Pérez (the Swagger India) — 1,562ne have passed in the third segment: 11. Fernando Alonso (McLaren) — 1.13,657
12. Sergey Sirotkin (Williams) — 1.13,702
13. Markus Eriksson (Zauber) — 1.13,736
14. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) — without time
15. Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull) — without vremenena have passed in the second segment: 16. Esteban Ocon (the Swagger India) — 1.13,720
17. Pierre Gasli (Thoreau Rosso) — 1.13,749
18. Brendon Hartley (Thoreau Rosso) — 1.14,045
19. Lens Stroll (Williams) — 1.14,206
20. Stoffel Vandorn (McLaren) — 1.14,401. We will add that our website will broadcast online of a race of the Grand Prix of Germany on Sunday, July 22. The beginning of broadcasting – at 16:00 on the Kiev time. Personal offset you pilotovzhelat a constructors championship
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