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Vettel has got an anniversary victory in Canada

Sebastian Vettel has surely won the Grand Prix of Canada. The German pilot of Ferrari Sebastian Vettel has managed to keep the first place from which he started on the Grand Prix of Canada, and has got the anniversary 50th victory in Formula One. Already on the first circle to a race there was an accident between Stroll and Hartley because of what safety car has come out to the route. After 5 circles the car of safety has left a race and didn't come back any more. In general, the stage has turned out not strongly interesting. Leaders surely held the positions and Riccardo's movement to the fourth place thanks to timely arrival to boxes became the only change. In an ending to a race there were several hints on an intrigue, but fight hasn't turned out. Vettel finished the first with comfortable overweight over Bottas which was admitted to himself by Festappena. Lewis Hamilton hasn't managed to bypass Riccardo, finished the fifth and has allowed Vettel of to bypass in the overall ranking on 1 point. From other results It should be noted unless the tenth place of Charles Leclair on Zauber.Top-10: Vettel, Bottas, Verstappen, Riccardo, Hamilton, Räikkönen, Hyulkenberg, Sayns, Windows, Leklerkubok of designers
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