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UPL: The Carpathians missed a victory over Olympique, Arsenal Kyiv fell on the ambassador

For a tour the Arsenal goes the Premier Leagues on a departure all the way, and the Chornomorets and the Carpathians are "shone" by transitional matches. In the championship of Ukraine a peredposledny, 31st tour, is played in the lower part of the table. The Carpathians missed an opportunity to catch up with Olympique, having missed a victory in an internal match, the Chornomorets prolonged a successful series and rose from the last line of standings, and the place was taken at the bottom by Arsenal Kyiv which risks to take off for the First league directly now. The Carpathians — Olympique of 3:3
Goals: Hongla, 15, Myakushko, 75, 79 (foams.) — Matar, 3, 89, Guy, 83 Carpathians: Kuchinsky — Miroshnichenko, Nesterov, Kovtun, Mekhremich — Di Franco (Tolochko, 88), Klets, Hongla — Myakushko, Ponde, Gutsulyak (Debelko, 90 3). Olympique: Krynsky — Ksenz, Grishko, Tsymbalyuk, Klimenchuk (E. Pasich, 46) — Guy, Politylo (Degtyarev, 79) — Kravchuk (Valeev, 53), Teixeira, Vantukh — Matar. Preventions: Show off — Matar. Gum — Arsenal Kyiv of 1:0
the Goal: Bogdanov, 31. Gum: Pastes — D. Favorov, Imerekov, Nemchaninov, the Pavement — Ogir (Starenky, 78), Bogdanov — Volkov, A. Favorov (Belich, 90 2), Kartushov — Filippov (Bezborodko, 83). Arsenal Kyiv: Pydkyvka — Zhichikov, Vakulenko, Bashlay, Dubinchak — Dombrovsky, Tankovsky, Orikhovsky (Lipartiya, 34) — Kadimyan (Mudrik, 46), to Meuse (Kovpak, 46), Kalitvintsev. Preventions: A pavement, A. Favorov, D. Favorov, Kartushov — Pidkivka. Vorskla — Chornomorets of 1:2
Goals: Kolomoyets, 54 — Koval, 26, Tanchik, 63 Vorskla: Tkachenko — Perduta, Martynenko, Chesnakov, Sapay — Sklyar, Petroviç — Vasin, Gabelok (Kobakhidze, 90), the Child (Artur, 46) — Kareka (Kolomoyets, 46) Chornomorets: Litovchenko — Golikov, Ryzhuk, Goshkoder, Norenkov (Trubochkin, 72) — Babenko — Tanchik, Hamelyuk, Arzhanov, Vilkhamsson (Chorny, 65) — Koval (Pavlov, 78) Preventions: Garlic — Ryzhuk, Trubochkin, Babenko Udaleniye: Garlic, 68 (the second yellow card)



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