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UPA, Vatutin and prayer. How was your day defender

Prayed for autocephaly, tried to demolish a monument to the Soviet general, nationalists marched, at Monastery detained "seminarists". Ukraine celebrates on October 14 the Day of the defender. This day it is also celebrated the Intercession of the Theotokos, and since 1999 - Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks. On October 14 it is also considered in the afternoon Ukrainian of insurgent army. In 2018 Day of the defender caused a stir in a prayer for autocephaly, a march of nationalists and right radicals, attempt to demolish a monument to Vatutin. Корреспондент.net tells details. The prayer for Tomos In the center of Kiev at Sofiyskaya Square took place a prayer in the morning for Ukraine and autocephaly which the Universal patriarchy agreed to provide to Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The president Petro Poroshenko on a prayer said that Ukraine was never the initial territory of Russian Orthodox Church. According to him, to the middle of the 17th century, the Kiev metropolitanate had the broad rights in structure of Mother Church. "At last, the Universal patriarchy finally proclaimed illegal the Moscow annexation of the Kiev metropolitanate which is carried out at the end of the 17th century. It is clear and unambiguously to them it is stated that the ROC has no canon laws on orthodox church in Ukraine that our orthodox church has no submission of ROC", - Poroshenko said. He also noted that merging of three churches in Uniform local Ukrainian Orthodox Church is voluntary process. However the church of the Moscow patriarchy has no right to be called Ukrainian. Demolition of a monument to Vatutin dozens of representatives of the nationalist organizations gathered In the Mariinsky park in the center of Kiev. As it is noted on the page of Facebook of OUN, activists are going "to damage as much as possible the Soviet idols". They brought with themselves a ladder and cables by means of which wanted to demolish a monument to the Soviet general Nikolay Vatutin.

"When activists tried to make active actions, the police pushed aside, we withdrew equipment, we will return it, it is not forbidden", - the chief of National police of Kiev Andrey Krishchenko who was in the place told, having specified that it is about a ladder. He noted that he considers a monument to Vatutin a symbol of a totalitarian era, "but there is an act that it is a mass grave", and therefore the monument cannot be taken down. The chief of capital police added that he asked the Kiev power to solve a problem with a monument: "Or to transfer, or in a different way". A march of Predstaviteli Unitary Enterprise of nationalist and far-right forces gathered at Shevchenko's park in the afternoon in the center of Kiev from where Covers went a march on the occasion of anniversary of foundation of UPA, Day of the Cossacks and a holiday. The audience was addressed by leaders of the National case, the Right Sector, Svoboda, OUN, the Congress of the Ukrainian nationalists. Also participants were addressed by the veteran of UPA 92-year-old Theodor Dyachun. The march of nationalists brought together as mass media report, about ten thousand participants. The column was headed by participants of ATO, they were followed by leaders of nationalist forces. Participants chanted "Slava Ukrai



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