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Unifying cathedral of churches in Ukraine: online

In St. Sophia Cathedral of the 11th century which is not used by any orthodox church, approve future local orthodox Ukrainian church. In Kiev on December 15 there passes the unifying cathedral on which have to approve future local orthodox Ukrainian church and choose who will head it. The event takes place in St. Sophia Cathedral of the 11th century in the center Kiev. It is the historical and cultural reserve and is not used by any orthodox church of Ukraine. At cathedral there are a president Petro Poroshenko and, according to some information, the patriarch Constantinople Varfolomey. Bishops of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of RC, UAPTs and Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) were invited. The watches events online. Online broadcasting from Sofiyskaya Square Text broadcast of unifying cathedral in Kiev 17.45 ПредстоятельбудущейавтокефальнойпоместнойправославнойцерквивУкраинеЕпифаний: "Mysumeliobjedinittri vetviukrainskogopravoslaviya вединуюпоместнуюправославнуюцерковь".

Onpoblagodaril of all of Sofiyskoyploshchadiz's prisutstvuyushchikhn support of an imolitva. "Etonastolkonasvdokhnovlyalo, chtoma of a preodolelivsetepregrada, a kotoryebyla on etomnelegkomput", - he told. 17:39 Poroshenko thanked Filaret and called him the spiritual leader Ukrainian of church and the Ukrainian people. 17:30 President Petro Poroshenko upon termination of unifying cathedral in Kiev declared creation of the Ukrainian local orthodox autocephalous church. "I congratulate everything on creation of the Ukrainian local Autocephalous Orthodox Church which just took place in Sacred Sofia", - he said, having left cathedral under a ringing of bells with the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy and the representative of the universal patriarch metropolitan Gallic Emmanuil. 17:25 Unifying cathedral came to the end. As the metropolitan of local Ukrainian Orthodox Church on cathedral chose the episcope of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the RC OF Epifaniya, the Minister of Culture reported. This 39-year-old metropolitan enters the immediate environment of Filaret. Since 2010 he takes the place of the rector of the Kiev orthodox theological academy. The metropolitan of Ukrainian Orthodox Church Epiphanius In June, 2013 became the metropolitan and the Patriarchal Vicar, that is the successor of the patriarch Filaret on a case of his death. 17:20 Who came to the square waiting for independent Ukrainian church. 16:50 Minister of Culture urged people to return to Sofiyskaya Square as the final priblizhtsya. 16:10 In ROC condemned participation of two hierarches of Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) in unifying cathedral which was called "council impious". 15:30 President acted on unifying cathedral. He said that Ukraine now "cuts off the fetters tying it to Russia", and never was and will not be the initial territory of ROC. He emphasized that the question of granting autocephaly of Ukrainian Orthodox Church is a question of the Ukrainian national security. "It is a question of our Ukrainian statehood. We gain, at last, spiritual independence which can be compared to finding of independence political. We cut off the fetters tying us to the empire", - Poro emphasized



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