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Ukrbud was among the most expensive brands of Ukraine

The Korrespondent magazine for the second time counted, how much are the largest Ukrainian brands. 50 most expensive brands of the country got to annual rating. For the first time this list included also the Ukrainian state construction corporation "Ukrbud". It became the only representative of the construction industry in rating, having taken the 36th place. According to independent assessment the cost of the Ukrbud brand was $94.6 million. Authors of the list emphasize that it is a very good starting mark which in the following rating will probably be even more. - The positive aura of a brand is so important for the builder, as well as for bank as the buyer of the apartment trusts construction company the savings in exchange for a promise to build housing. Therefore it is necessary that the name of the builder was associated with reliability of the company and quality of housing built by it. These are the fundamental principles of formation of high cost of a brand of construction company, - authors of rating noted. UKRBUD in the rating of the most expensive brands of Ukraine
As estimation of cost of a brand – a question ambiguous, authors of a research tried to separate from the subjective and difficult estimated indicators as much as possible. Estimation of cost was influenced by reputation of the potential participant and also his advertizing activity in different communication channels with the consumer, first of all on television and on the Internet. Besides, own estimates of applicants and macroeconomic indicators of the country (the GDP loudspeaker, rates of inflation) were taken into account as the consumer ability and activity, so and value of local brands depends on them. At the same time did not begin to include the global multinational brands created outside Ukraine in rating. Also only those companies which directly work with retail clients were included in the list. The total cost of 50 most valuable brands of Ukraine was estimated more than at $5.5 billion. Let's remind that last year Ukrbud became the most recognizable developer of Kiev by results of a research of recognition of brands of builders from service of search of apartments of the MOON. Level of recognition of a brand of corporation was 93%.



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