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Ukrainians had had a chance to ensure comfortable existence

The jackpot MEGA of Millions has been broken by results of circulation last Tuesday, the unique winner has got one and a half billion dollars. The identity of the lucky person doesn't reveal yet, but the whole world already anticipates a new opportunity to earn one billion. The jackpot of Powerball-of the USA has reached $750 million, circulation will take place on the next Saturday October 27, at 23:00 on North American east time. Citizens of Ukraine, on an equal basis with residents of the USA, can take part in circulation here. After a series of accumulations the first prize of a lottery has reached $750 million that is today the largest lottery jackpot in the world. "More and more people hurry in specialized shops to acquire lottery tickets when prize fund exceeds a mark of $300 million", - Jeff Lenard, the representative of the press service of National association of shops of public goods which sell about two thirds of all national lottery tickets has said. With growth of a lottery jackpot also interest in participation in a lottery grows. According to the experts, if the prize isn't broken on Saturday, next week it can already reach one billion! On January 9, 2016, shop in Houtorna, California. Persons interested to break a record jackpot of a lottery Pauerbol in $1,5 billion wait for the turn to buy the ticket for good luck. According to rules of a lottery of the USA, not only residents of the USA, but also residents of other countries including tourists, on condition of observance of rules of acquisition and storage of the lottery ticket can participate in circulations. So, rules say that nonresidents including citizens of Ukraine, can't drive on the territory of the USA as well as leave her, with the lottery ticket. Nevertheless, Ukrainians have the right to participate in a lottery of the USA, that is, can acquire tickets and take away prizes provided that the ticket has been acquired lawfully in the territory of the USA and wasn't taken out out of her limits. Thus, the citizen of Ukraine can arrive to the USA, buy the ticket and wait for results of circulation. Or to take part in circulation online through the checked lottery theLotter service. The TheLotter company successfully works at the market of lottery services for more than 15 years, acquires for the clients from around the world official tickets of the largest lotteries of the USA and Europe. For the services the website charges the small fee from each ticket while clients have an opportunity to see the scan of the ticket with the chosen combination of numbers even prior to carrying out circulation. TheLotter doesn't charge the fee from prizes, but provides full legal support when receiving a prize from the National lottery. Each Most famous winner on TheLotter - M.M., the Kurd of the Iraqi origin from Baghdad which has won a jackpot in $6.4 million in August, 2015 can participate today in the circulation of a lottery of the USA, having bought on the website the ticket of a lottery Oregon to Megabaks.

History of the winner from Iraq has received mass lighting in world media, including the New York Times, Daily Mail, NBC, C



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