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Ukrainians had a chance not to worry about the pension size any more

Ukrainians had a chance not to worry about the pension size any more
The lottery prize MEGA Millions reached $548 million. After a series of accumulations the first prize of a lottery reached $548 million that is today the largest lottery jackpot in the world. Let's note that a lottery superprize MEGA Millions of the USA seldom reaches such massive sums therefore with the greatest probability this Friday the jackpot will be broken. Circulation will take place on the next Friday, October 12, at 23:00 on North American east time. It is possible to take part in circulation here. Thanks to the first-ever lottery service, everyone can participate in circulation, regardless of the country of accommodation. By the way, at once two popular lotteries of the USA, Powerball and Mega Millions play massive prizes this week, the total amount of jackpots of these two lotteries exceeds $830 million. Many acquire several tickets and one, and second lottery, in hope at once that one of them will shoot. "When jackpots reach such sums, all begin to represent how their life in case of a prize will change", - Gordon Medenika, the director of Mega Millions noted. Certainly, Americans like to buy lottery tickets. According to North American association of regular lotteries, for last year Americans spent over $80 million for lottery tickets. It is more, than Americans spend for movie theaters, video games, books, music and tickets for sporting events combined. Now, when Mega Millions jackpot – the USA reached $548 million, also interest in participation in a legendary lottery grows. By some estimates if the prize is not broken on the next Friday, literally in a week it can reach one billion! How to play online in the American lottery? It is also simple to participate in circulations MEGA of Millions from Ukraine as though you were in the USA. Everything that it is necessary to make for this purpose – to buy official tickets online and to choose five main numbers (1-50) and two numbers "varnishes it is old" (1-12). An exclusive photo with the winner of $1 million on the website TheLotter. In September of last year Natalya from Ukraine won $1 million in a lottery of the USA Five numbers brought to 23-year-old Natalya from Ukraine a prize in $1 million in a lottery of the USA MEGA of Millions. The girl guessed five main numbers from an advantageous combination — 1, 10, 57, 66 and 75 and became the owner of a prize of the second category. Having won a lottery prize via the website TheLotter, the winner receives 100% of the won sum, whether it be a small prize, or category prize second or third.



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