Date: 6 months ago   Category: Football

Ukraine suffered the first defeat in the League of Nations

Shevchenko's wards devastating conceded in Slovakia. The national team of Ukraine finished the performance in a group stage of the League of Nations exit defeat from Slovakia. Ukraine ahead of schedule won group therefore in a match with Slovakia Andrey Shevchenko decided on an experiment, having played three central defenders and with the debutant Boryachuk in attack. It is worth recognizing that the first half our team failed. Already on an end of the sixth minute Marek Gamshik decided to play penalty kick on the left flank, having given transfer for blow to Albert Rusnak. The ricochet was farther from the defender which was disoriented by Boyko and Denis passed in a near corner. Slovaks continued to pile on the agony at our gate and for it were rewarded by Denis Boyko mistake. Our goalkeeper was obliged to save the team after distant blow of Yuraya Kutski which that struck, already having damage, however the ball appeared precisely in a grid from the exposed fists of the goalkeeper of Dynamo. The distant blow of Malinovsky already in the compensated time which did not become problem for the rival's goalkeeper became the only threat from the national team of Ukraine in the first half. The beginning of the second half became positive for Ukraine. In the first attack of Loaves passed across the right flank, gave to the center on the penalty line where the Common linnet in contact beautifully sent a ball to gate. However, the intrigue lived not for long. In the 52nd minute the bar helped out Boyko after Mack's blow, but Rusnak returned a ball to the penalty area where a heel Zrelak sent round to a corner of our gate. And some more minutes later Mack left one at the corner of the penalty area, he got a ball. it was displaced to the center and punched precisely in a far corner, having made the score 4:1. It is remarkable that before the fourth passed ball the national team of Ukraine had a counterattack 2 in 1, Boryachuk gave on the Common linnet, but Zhenya did not manage to beat the goalkeeper. In general, in the second half the Ukrainian national team played much more interestingly, the moments at Dubravki's gate arose regularly, but Malinovsky, Zinchenko, Tsygankov, Stepanenko did not manage to embody the moments in a goal. As a result the match and came to the end with the score 4:1 – for the national team of Ukraine this not only first defeat in the Europa League, but also in general the first in 2018. But all the same our team finishes the first, and here Slovakia and the Czech Republic in the last tour among themselves will play the second place in group and also will determine the loser who to fall to Division C. Slovakia — Ukraine by 4:1
Goals: Rusnak, 6, Kutska, 26, Zrelak, 2, Mack, 61 — the Common linnet, 47

Slovakia: Dubrovka — Pekarik, Skrtel, Shkriniar, Gantsko — Gregush — Rusnak, Kutska (Bero, 30), Gamshik, Mack (Stokh, 68) — Zrelak (Dyurish, 82).

Ukraine: Boyko — Karavayev, Wish-wash, Krivtsov (Plastun, 14), Matviyenko — Zinchenko, Stepanenko, Malinovsky — Tsygankov, Boryachuk (Kovalenko, 62), the Common linnet (Shaparenko, 64). Preventions: Gregush — Wish-wash, Stepanenko, Plastun.



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