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Two Ukrainians continue fight for a rank of the world champion in poker

Two Ukrainians continue fight for a rank of the world champion in poker
In a race behind a bracelet of the world champion in poker there were 109 applicants. Among them there is a skilled Kiev resident Artyom Metalidi and the defending champion of Ukraine Vladimir Drokin. The most prestigious tournament for all pokerist of the planet — Main Event WSOP-2018 — was in the home stretch. From 7,874 players starting in the Main event in business there are only 109 participants who already guaranteed themselves at least $57,000 prize-winning. It is pleasant that among them there are two Ukrainians — Artyom Metalidi and Vladimir Drokin. And Artyom which has perfectly spent Day No. 5 enters in top-10 players with the greatest stacks now. Before new day of a super tournament at Artyom 6,525,000 counters and the ninth place in a race behind a champion bracelet. The stack and Vladimir Drokin continues to increase. By the way, in February of this year Vladimir has won PokerMatch Ukraine Championship which has passed in Kharkiv within the PokerMatch UA Millions Stadium series! So now he is a defending champion of Ukraine and confirms the high class. For today at Vladimir of 2,845,000 counters and the 59th place before start of Day No. 6. We will note also three more our pokerist who have reached prizes in the Main event. Maxim Lavrov finished on the 527th place ($26,535 prize-winning), Alexander Vaserfirer has finished a tournament in the 626th ($21,750), and the most successful Ukrainian pokerist Evgeny Kachalov has this time stopped on the 685th place ($19,900). Now the leading chip of a tournament goes American Brian Jun (8,395,000 counters) in whose collection already two champion bracelets of the WSOP series. In 2013 he has won the Little One Drop tournament ($663,000 prize-winning), and a year later became the winner of the Eight Handed tournament ($633,000). In total for career Jun has earned more than $4 million at poker tables. To a final table all participants of the Main event of WSOP needed to win back two more full days. The magnificent nine which will play a bracelet of the world champion and $8,8 million for the winner, will be defined on Thursday. And the name of the new champion will become known on July 14. We hope that someone from Ukrainians will become him. Good luck! Read also: Ukrainians in Vegas: Ermolcheva has learned secrets of success of Kachalov



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