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Tottenham escaped in Barcelona and will play in the spring in LCh

On Kamp Nou the match of the 6th tour of a group stage of LCh between Barcelona and Tottenham came to the end. Barcelona and Tottenham did not define the 6th tour of a group stage of the Champions League, strongest in a match. According to bookmaker quotations, the master's team had more chances of success in a duel, but for an hour prior to a game the mentor "blue and garnet" Valverde announced experimental starting "odinnadtsatka" that did "spurs" favourites automatically. There is no wonder, the Catalan club after the fifth tour guaranteed itself the first line in group. And here Tottenham needed to play at least not worse than Inter that in the spring to hear the anthem of the Champions League. However at Pochettino's wards, to put it mildly, nothing was glued. The most dangerous moment Londoners had Son's exit to an appointment with Cillessen after a cool Eriksena broadcast, but the Korean did not manage to beat the goalkeeper. Barcelona opened the account in a match at once – in the 7th minute the Demobee Walker-Peters used an oversight, and then showed the individual equipment and precisely punched on gate. It is also possible to remember Coutinho's blow in the end of the first half then the shell got into a bar. In the second half British considerably added, however they all the same lacked something productively to finish the attacks and to even the score on a board. Disturbed them and Cillessen who helped out over and over again helped out "blau-granos". At the end of the meeting urged on news and from Italy where Inter recouped in a duel with PSV, and in this situation they would pass further. The situation was saved by Loukas who came for replacement – the Brazilian received a lumbago from Kaine and, having adapted to a ball, closed a pass. Thus, both Inter, and Tottenham finished the meetings with identical result – 1:1 that did not affect tournament deals - "spurs" in any way there were the second, and Italians – the third. Barcelona – Tottenham 1:1
Goals: The demobee, 7 – Moura, 85 Barcelona: Cillessen – Semedu, Vermalen, Lengle, Miranda – Artur, Alenya, Rakitiç (S. Busquets, 46) – the Demobee (D. Suarez, 76), El-Jaddadi (Messi, 63), Koutinyotottenham: Lloris – Walker-Peters (Lamela, 60), Alderveyreld, Vertongen, Rose – Sissoko, Uinks – Eriksen, Allie, the Dream (Moura, 71) – Keynpreduprezhdeniya: Semedu – Walker-Peters



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