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Tortures and executions of both parties. Report of the UN on Ilovaisk

Tortures and executions of both parties. Report of the UN on Ilovaisk
The UN High Commissioner on human rights has published the report on events of August, 2014. The United Nations by fourth anniversary of fights for Ilovaisk has published the report on human rights violations during the events of August, 2014 on Donbass. The report of the UN High Commissioner on human rights is based on 80 interviews with civil Ilovaisk and nearby villages and also with the former prisoners of war. Human rights activists have described a picture of tortures and executions and also have accused both parties of violations of the rights of people. Корреспондент.net tells details. The Ilovaisk copper Operation on return of control of the Ukrainian side over the city of Ilovaisk of Donetsk region has begun at the beginning of August, 2014. To the middle of month the Ukrainian forces have occupied villages near Ilovaisk, and fights for the city divided between two parties of the conflict were going from August 18 to August 28. In the report it is noted that separatists "could receive a reinforcement from the Russian Federation". "According to office of the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, the intensity of fights in Ilovaisk was explained "by probable inflow of troops, vehicles and arms from the Russian Federation for strengthening of positions of the armed groups (so in the report separatists - an edition are called) ", - it is said in the document. At the end of August voluntary battalions, divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and AFU have got to an environment and on August 29 tried to leave it. It has led to considerable losses of staff and also to capture of the Ukrainian security officers. The destroyed Ukrainian military equipment in Ilovaisk / EPA In the report is said that "the armed groups and military of the Russian Federation" have suggested the Ukrainian side to recede without weapon, but were refused. Columns of the Ukrainian security officers which left Ilovaisk have been attacked. 366 Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers have died, 429 were wounded, and hundreds have appeared in captivity. Most of them have exchanged in 2014, and the last captured Ukrainian military has come back home in December, 2017. The same figures officially are called the Ukrainian authorities. In the report it is a little given attention specifically to fights. However it is specified that the Ukrainian forces could be surrounded in Ilovaisk because of "cross-border firings from the Russian Federation" which have forced Ukrainians to recede from border. The victims among the population In Ilovaisk and nearby villages during fights for the city six hundred private houses have been destroyed and 116 high-rise buildings are damaged. Residents did without water, light and gas within three weeks. Because of firings the hospital has been destroyed, and people had no access to medical services. In total at least 36 civil have died - four of which were probably killed, and the others have died in firings. In the Ilovaisk copper have destroyed 600 honest houses / EPA according to the UN, during the conflict both parties "participated in murder civil, but it had no mass or systematic character". For the first time human rights organizations have got access to Ilovaisk in 2016. They have held a number of an interview with locals and have established, h



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