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There was Boshirov - there was Chepiga. Investigation of media about Skripal's poisoners

There was Boshirov - there was Chepiga. Investigation of media about Skripal's poisoners
Journalists of The Insider and Bellingcat have published the next part of investigation about Russians whom Great Britain suspects of Sergey Skripal's poisoning. Investigation proves communication of suspects with the Russian intelligence agencies. After Great Britain has told the names of probable "poisoners" of the former Russian spy Sergey Skripal in Salisbury and has announced their work on the Russian intelligence agencies, in Moscow all disproved. Russia has said that the people suspected by Great Britain are ordinary Russians who did nothing similar. They have even given an interview to the Russian TV, having been called ordinary tourists who went to Salisbury to look at the well-known cathedral in Gothic style. Right after this interview there were investigations proving connection of "poisoners" with the Russian intelligence. Now rassledovatel claim that they have found incontestable proofs of this fact and also the presents of the personality of killers of Skripal have identified. The has collected information on resonant investigation. Boshirov has appeared not Boshirov One of suspects of poisoning of Skripal who "Ruslan Boshirov" called himself - it is an assumed name of the colonel of GRU Anatoly Vladimirovich Chepigi, The Insider and Bellingcat claims. In investigation it is said that Chepiga was born on April 5, 1979 in the Amur region. He has graduated from the Far East Highest General Command School (FEHGCS), served in the 14th crew of special troops of GRU, was in a business trip in Chechnya three times. It is unknown in what operations he has been involved, but on the website of the Far East branch of the state military organization it is noted that Chepiga has received more than 20 military awards during service. In 2014 Vladimir Putin has given Chepige the rank of the Hero of Russia for participation in a peacekeeping mission — according to The Insider and Bellingcat, the speech can go about military operations in Ukraine. Has received the name "Ruslan Boshirov" of Chepiga after moving to Moscow; there he has graduated from Military academy of the General Staff of Armed forces of Russia, it is told in investigation. What proofs Journalists are have found Chepigu according to the picture from Chechnya on DVOKU website. They have found out that it is one of schools where train the staff of GRU for foreign operations, and, knowing approximate age of Boshirov, checked pictures of graduates for 2001-2003. On one of a photo made in Chechnya they have found the person similar to Boshirov. Though, it is worth recognizing that to call similarity directly noticeable, or evident - it is difficult. The list of the graduates of DVOKU who have become Heroes of Russia has helped to make the assumption of his real name: his person involved Anatoly Chepiga served in Chechnya and on age could be Boshirov. Besides, according to the unnamed database, the address Chepigi in 2003-2005 has coincided with the body address in Khabarovsk, the corresponding 14th crew of special troops of GRU. The hypothesis was confirmed by an extract from the Russian Passport system of 2014 with Chepigi's photo. Journalists say that several sources independent from each other which are familiar with the person and\or



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