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There was a series trailer about the tyrant Dirty John

There was a series trailer about the tyrant Dirty John
The premiere will be held on November 25 the current year. The movie is based on a real story about the male criminal. In Network the series trailer Dirty John whose basis the real story about the man tempting women is has been published. He went on it with the purpose to take control of their property. The video has been published on YouTube channel Bravo. On a movie plot, the man by the name of John Meehan meets the woman Deborah, and after several romantic appointments of steam decides to live together. However through some time Deborah and her daughter begin to suspect about a terrible secret of John's past. Deborah's attempt to find out with whom exactly there lived John to her, turns for her into serious consequences. Leading roles in the movie are played Eric Bang, known according to the movie "Sword of the King Artur" and Connie Britton (Ultraamericans). The premiere of series is expected on November 25 the current year. A trailer of the fantastic thriller Prospect it was reported Earlier that the trailer of the sixth season of popular series the House of cards has been published. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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