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There was a new trailer of the game Star Citizen

There was a new trailer of the game Star Citizen
Development of multiplayer game continues since 2011. On its creation gamers offered 200 million. In Network the new trailer of multiplayer game of Star Citizen was published. It is developed since 2011 thanks to donations of gamers through crowd funding. In general the sum of 200 million dollars was collected. In a game the appearance and voices of actors Marga Stronga, Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson, Mark Hamill and others are used. Action in a game is developed in 2945 when the mankind has to face in aggressive alien inhabitants. As a result people are forced to enter fight for survival. Earlier it was reported that the cinema trailer of the game Fallout 76 from Bethesda Softworks publishing house was published. A trailer of the game Death Stranding of News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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The new heroine to whom the mail carrier Pechkina will have warm feelings will appear in a cartoon serial Prostokvashino. In the Russian cartoon serial New Prostokvashino will appear the new characte...

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Shevchenko's wards devastating conceded in Slovakia. The national team of Ukraine finished the performance in a group stage of the League of Nations exit defeat from Slovakia. Ukraine ahead of schedul...

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The collector acquired the animated film under the name Neck n' Neck about 70 years ago, then it cost him about 4.40 dollars. Being considered lost the animated film of Disney studio which was created...

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The American stock market on Friday, November 16, was closed in different directions. Data of the exchange demonstrate to it. the Dow Jones Index grew by 0.49% – up to 25413.22 points. The S&P500 ind...