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There was a new theory of the Universe system

Scientists put forward the theory which allows "to deal" with a phenomenon of dark matter and dark energy. The scientist from Oxford submitted the new theory of the structure of the Universe which unites dark matter and dark energy. The Room magazine reports about it. Doctor Jamie Farns assumed that dark matter and dark energy are a certain liquid. It has negative energy and pushes away from itself other matter. Existence of dark matter and dark energy is not proved. Refused this theory as dark matter and energy would lose the properties during expansion of the Universe. But thus, the majority of galaxies turn so quickly that would have to scatter on a part. But it does not occur. Some scientists assume that they are held "in a heap" invisible by Galo of dark matter. And with Farns's theory such matter would not lose the properties during expansion of the Universe. In the theory of the scientist there is "weak point" which assumes that in the Universe negative masses constantly appears. In that case space has to be symmetric both in positive, and in negative qualities. Now Farns's theory is investigated and checked by means of the most powerful radio telescopes of observatory of SKA. Earlier there was video of falling of the first step Falcon 9. Engines stabilized rotation of a rocket in time that allowed to make safe landing in water.
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