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The USA won't support the candidate for president without plan for Donbass - the expert

The USA won't support the candidate for president without plan for Donbass - the expert
Neither Russia, nor the USA won't begin to support the candidate who has no plan for the termination of war in the east of Ukraine. The United States won't support the candidate for president of Ukraine who has no scenario about the termination of war on Donbass, the head of the Ukrainian institute of strategy of global development and adaptation Victor Levitsky considers. "Considering the humanitarian disaster with immigrants, the economic problems of Ukraine, corruption schemes connected with war the line of demarcation, etc. around it is very likely that time of progress in a situation with ORDLO has come", - Levitsky's words in the press release of UISGRA are cited. He considers that progress in Ukraine, anyway desirable both for democrats, and for republicans, will define realities of political process in Ukraine. "At least, the world community in general and the USA in particular will hardly support the presidential candidate of Ukraine at whom won't be in the election program of the scenario of the termination of war", - Levitsky has noted. He has noted that the problem around the Crimea and Donbass has sharply become aggravated in recent days, in connection with the term of the expiration of the law on the special status of self-government in ORDLO which comes in an early autumn. However the expert is sure that true the reason of aggravation of a problem of uncontrollable territories of Donbass is in measurement of the American elections to the House of Representatives of the U. S. Congress which will take place in November. "In the light of the subject of the anti-Russian sanctions untwisted to limit turns visible concessions from Russia in the Ukrainian question can become a sufficient bonus for a successful political campaign, however any of warring parties won't want to connect itself by impracticable promises", - the head of UISGRA considers. From this point of view, Levitsky emphasizes, the question of the Crimea which the Russian side refuses to discuss flatly, hardly looks is perspective. To the contrary, question ORDLO inspires certain optimism. On the one hand, the fact that Donbass - it Ukraine is recognized de jure by all (including the Russian Federation), and is de facto similar everything, except Ukraine. "The reply of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland to reproaches concerning import of coal by Poland from ORDLO looks very indicative in this regard - it is forbidden to import goods supposedly from the Crimea, and Donbass is Ukraine", - the expert notes. We will remind, presidential elections in Ukraine are planned for the end of March of the next year. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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