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The Ukrainian burger has risen in price almost by one and a half times

In a year fat sandwich has risen in price for 42%. the 40-gram piece of fat with rye bread has grown in price for hryvnia. The Ukrainian fat sandwich for the last year has risen in price for 42%. The CEO of the Ukrainian association of suppliers of retail chain stores Alexey Doroshenko in Facebook has reported about it. He has reported that the cost of "burger" as he is called by Doroshenko, have decided to count after last festival of fat in Vinnytsia. "For today this tasty sandwich will cost us on average in the country 3,4 UAH. So, in particular, 40 гр black bread there is the 70th cop, and 40 гр fat - 2,7 UAH", - Doroshenko has reported.
last year Ukrainian "burger" managed in 2,4g рн. "That is, 40 гр rye bread costed the 50th cop, and 40 гр fat - 1,9 UAH" - he has reminded. "In a year fat sandwich has risen in price for 42%, or for 1 UAH. For today the most expensive Ukrainian burger in Kiev - 5,1 UAH, and the cheapest in Ternopolshchina - 2,4 UAH. That is the difference makes more than twice", - the expert writes. "Fat with black bread is without exaggeration gastronomic pride of Ukraine", - he noted at the same time. Photo: we Will remind, in Vinnytsia during the festival of fat, bread and sausage have made huge fat sandwich in the form of the map of the area. On preparation of record sandwich about 60 kg of bread and more than 20 kilograms of fat were required. Earlier in Gosstat have counted that in Kiev the cost of fat is 2,5 times higher, than in regions. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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