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The TruCam radar has returned on roads. What needs to be known

The TruCam radar has returned on roads. What needs to be known
The patrol force will fix high-speed violations on some sections of highways now. On the Ukrainian highways on October 8 have turned on the first cameras of fixing of speeding. Patrolmen with "radars" will stand on dangerous sections of roads of the international value and in the cities with the road accident high level. In the first week of TruCam will use in the pilot mode for prevention and penalties won't be written out that drivers have got used to an innovation. Корреспонент.net tells details. Where there are radars Patrol crews with TruCam will stand in places of concentration of road accident and on emergency and dangerous sections of roads of the international value. Will inform the corresponding road signs on what is controlled behind observance of the high-speed mode without fail. "In places of fixing of violations of the high-speed mode there will be office vehicles with the switched-on indicators of blue color", - it is said in the statement of National police. In the first week the patrol force will use radars in the pilot mode, without involvement of drivers to responsibility. In Kiev fixing of speed will work only at Bazhan Avenue and Pobedy Avenue. We will remind that in settlements a speed limit now 50 kilometers per hour. Also radars are on the following highways: Volynsk region: N-22 of Ustilug - Lutsk - Exactly; M-07 Kiev - Kovel - Yagodin. Donetsk region: M-14 Odessa - Melitopol - Novoazovsk. Zhytomyr region: M-07 Kiev - Kovel - Yagodin; M-06 Kiev - Lviv - PSF. Transcarpathian region: M-06 Kiev - Lviv - PSF. Ivano-Frankivsk region: N-10 Stry - Ivano-Frankivsk - Chernivtsi - Novoselitsa. Kiev region: M-03 Kiev - Kharkiv - Dolzhanskoye; M-05 Kiev - Odessa; M-06 Kiev - Lviv - PSF; M-07 Kiev - Kovel - Yagodin. Lviv region: M-06 Kiev - Lviv - PSF. Nikolaev region: M-14 Odessa - Melitopol - Novoazovsk. Odessa region: M-05 Kiev - Odessa; M-14 Odessa - Melitopol - Novoazovsk; M-15 Odessa - Rennie. Poltava region: M-04 Znamenka - Luhansk - Izvarino. Rivne region: R-05 the Ancient settlement - Sarna - Exactly - Starokonstantinov; M-06 Kiev - Lviv - PSF. Chernivtsi region: N-10 Stry - Ivano-Frankivsk - Chernivtsi - Novoselitsa. Chernihiv region: M-01 Kiev - Chernihiv - New Yarylovichi. Why have returned the First TruCam radars have appeared in Ukraine in the middle of 2010. At first GAI studied their opportunities in an experimental order, and after obtaining positive results the device began to be used more in large quantities. However soon it became known that on TruCAM there is no necessary allowing documentation, and after complaints in prosecutor's office use of these radars was forbidden. GAI have legalized the device only fall of 2011. On roads of Ukraine have refused control of speed after creation of new patrol force. Also during reforms the State traffic inspectorate has been dismissed. In August, 2015 the law which provided among other things photo and video fixings of violations of traffic regulations has come into force. However because of отс



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