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The tourist fed bears with the iPhone

The man mixed the smartphone with carrots milking feedings of animals and threw it to the open-air cage to bears. In the Chinese zoo the tourist threw to the open-air cage to bears the iPhone. Daily Mail reports about it. The man passed by excursion train over a fence where bears live. The tourist mechanically grabbed the gadget, thinking that he took apple or carrots, and "fed" with it bears.
the Incident got on video. On a roller it is visible how two animals became interested in the fallen subject. One of bears took iPhone in a mouth and carried away. Workers of a zoo got the gadget, but it was strongly beaten and did not work. "Acquaintance" to the device did not do harm to animals. Earlier it was reported that three-year-old "maugl" two days lived in the forest with a bear. Also the Correspondent wrote that the tourist dropped the smartphone in the river teeming with crocodiles. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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