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The technique is developed for therapy of cancer by means of DNA

In several cases of therapy on mice it was succeeded to achieve both partial result, and full treatment of a leukosis.
the Group of scientists from Canada found out that not coding part of human genome, so-called "garbage" DNA, it is possible to use for cancer immunotherapy. They published the technique in the Science Translational Medicine magazine.
Experts found in not coding DNA special markers which allow to find the peptides-antigens necessary for an immunity training in fight against a tumor. Scientists emitted to
antigens from the cages affected with a leukosis then processed them special structure and forced to work for destruction of sick cells.
Immunologists note that in several cases of therapy on mice it was succeeded to achieve both partial result, and full treatment even of such types of oncology as a leukosis.
Is noted that the immune system itself is able to cope with malignant cages. However it can sometimes pass them and then in an organism the tumor begins to develop.
the Purpose of a new technique consists in an immunity training by means of peptides so that it did not pass even such "imperceptible" malignant cages. we Will remind

, earlier scientists found out who has more often cancer: "owls" or "larks". Besides, scientists learned to predict appearance of cancer.



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