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The student has ended up in hell. Sex scandal in National police

The student has ended up in hell. Sex scandal in National police
The girl has accused the official of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of harassments and threats, but then has removed all records and has apologized. Scandal is connected with GBR. In Ukraine scandal over sexual harassments and threats of which the student of KPI Natalya Bureyko has accused the official of National police Alexander Varchenk has run high. The prosecutor's office has opened criminal proceedings according to the statement of the girl, but soon she has apologized to Varchenko and has removed all the posts with charges of Facebook. Корреспондент.net tells details. Threats and the cut-off pads on November 7 the nineteen-year-old student of the Kiev politekhnichy institute of Natalya Bureyko has published in the account on Facebook a post with charges to the deputy chief of department of department of protection of economy of National police Alexander Varchenko. The girl wrote that she communicated with him in the application for acquaintances of Tinder. According to Bureyko, at the beginning it was "unostentatious communication in the evenings". "He seemed the gallant man and the gentleman, showered with compliments and sent cards, bragged of the communications and situation in society", - it was said in the publication of the girl. Later, according to her, he has begun to insist on intimate relations, and after refusal has begun to threaten with physical violence. In confirmation of it she has given screenshots of correspondences which were conducted with her by the user of Tinder with the photo Varchenko. In them there are threats of repetition of fate of the compatriot Natalya - the activist Ekaterina Gandzyuk who has died after attempt. Then, according to Natalya, she has received a bouquet and a box with chicken paws. The interlocutor with Tinder has told that it is "gift" from him. "Your pads could be in this collection, but so far we are on friendly terms, it doesn't happen. I don't demand much - just be with me and you will lead rich life...", - it is said in one of correspondence screens. Also have begun to write her threats from unfamiliar numbers and also to her relatives. Criminal case and Varchenko's position on November 7, late at night, the member of board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko went to look for Natalya Bureyko to the hostel of KPI. Her girlfriend at Gerashchenko has called Natalya, but that has told that she with anybody doesn't want to communicate. Later he has written to Facebook that he a situation into which the girl had got is "an ordinary fake". On November 8 the capital prosecutor's office has received the address on behalf of Natalya Bureyko about threats and prosecution and has opened criminal proceedings. "The address is considered. Data are entered the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations. Criminal proceedings are opened as regards 1 article 129 ("Threat of murder if there were real bases to be afraid of implementation of this threat"). The girl left the address in a special box Investigation the Head department of the SSU in the city of Kiev and Kiev region will be engaged. Procedural management will be performed by capital prosecutor's office. In the night of November 8 in Facebook profile which presumably belongs to Alexander Varchenko the denial of charges has appeared. The man says that he together with family "has fallen a victim of the awful information attack" that I am not familiar with Nat



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