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The sixth wave of extinction. The person killed with 60% of animals

The sixth wave of extinction. The person killed with 60% of animals
Scientists consider that on the planet the sixth wave of mass extinction, but the first which happens because of one concrete look - the person began. The mankind destroyed more than a half of mammals, birds, fishes and reptiles on the planet it is less than for half a century - during the period from 1970 to 2014, it is told in the report of Living Planet Index which was prepared by scientists from 59 countries. "The earth loses the biological diversity with a speed which was observed only during mass extinctions earlier", - it is noted in a research. Ecologists urge to develop new world indicators for sustainable development. Корреспондент.net tells details. New mass extinction on Earth the Report prepared by the World Wide Fund for Nature and the London zoological society is based on the analysis of data on 16704 populations representing four thousand types. The research of world fauna is conducted each two years. Scientists consider that on the planet the sixth wave of mass extinction, but the first which happens because of one concrete look - the person began. Main reasons two: destruction of natural habitats for the sake of agricultural needs of murder of animals for the sake of food Because of hunting not less than 300 animal species disappeared. Besides, the number of populations is influenced by chemical pollution, trade in animals and distribution of invasive types. There were 12 years. Catastrophic thawing of poles In the report of 2018 ecologists came to a conclusion that only a quarter of the land surface is not mentioned by activity of the person now, and this share will approach ten percent by 2050. Changes are caused by the growing production of food, demand for energy, the earth and water. Authors warn that destruction of the wild nature threatens also the future of mankind as the growth rates of consumption of resources gaining steam destroys the habitat on which depend quality of air and water. Plastic murderer. The world refuses tubules "We blindly go to the brink of a precipice", - the executive director of WWF concerning science Mike Barrett told, commenting on the report. Deforestation / Getty caused the Greatest loss of people to animals of the Southern and Central America where populations of vertebrata were reduced by 89 percent. Deforestation became the reason of it. In general in the world rates of disappearance of the woods were slowed down thanks to efforts on its restoration. However it does not concern rainforests where today the greatest biodiversity on Earth remains. Extinction is close. Scientists warned mankind Each two months of people destroys more than one and a half thousand square kilometers of the tropical savanna known as серрадо. As the mother Earth and what to expect changed Specialists of WWF remind that the tropical, moderate and boreal (taiga) woods represent the richest ecosystem: while they cover about 30 percent of a surface of the planet, are the house for 80 percent of overland live organisms. Among habitats more than others suffered the river and lakes



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