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The short mustache has read own poem on Ukraine

The short mustache has read own poem on Ukraine
The Ukrainian boxer has written the poem on January 2 this year, shortly before fight with Mayris Briyedis. The Ukrainian boxer, the all-around champion of the world in the first heavy weight Alexander Usik has read own poem in Ukrainian devoted to Ukraine. Спорт.ua reports about it. "I have written this poem on January 2 this year, at 1 hour 27 minutes, shortly before fight with Briyedis", - Usik has noted. Ukra§na, my Ukra§na. Washing it is strong, my Batk_vshchina. Ти for exchange, a yak матір for Xing – the r_dna й on v_k one. Ти kozatsky to a sort of a kra§n, by God ти on небі it is loved, Batk_vshchina ти is strong washing, T_lo mi for you we will put, And hulk ми з God of a zavzhda. Mi for you to a r_dnenk we will ask Vs_kh svyaty to you zberegt, І безкрайні fields without обмежень, І вродливі that weeding a l_s, Y карпатські burn a temple і, І smerek струнк і, a yak a string. All in us є: for життя that for is Saint, In us a kra§n of a ¾din on всіх. So помолимось браття mi Bogu, Shchob зберіг us at єдності всіх. The day before Alexander Usik has said that he doesn't need a rank the Hero of Ukraine after the victory in Moscow over Russian Murat Gassiyev. After that in the State Duma of the Russian Federation have suggested to consider option with delivery of the Russian citizenship to Usik. And the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko has suggested to cancel a rank the Hero of Ukraine. According to him, it is Post-Soviet in fact and in a form. Lutsenko has suggested to enter other award – the Gold Trident. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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