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The sexual dependence is recognized as a mental disorder

The sexual dependence is recognized as a mental disorder
The inability to control sexual desire will be brought in the catalog of diseases of WHO. It will serve as a starting point for establishment of medical diagnoses and purpose of necessary treatment. The World Health Organization (WHO) has considered a mental disorder obsessivno-compulsive sexual behavior and has brought him in the catalog of diseases. At the same time the sexual dependence was equated to such types of mental diseases as a game addiction or drug addiction. "We believe that at the moment there are no proofs that behavior of the people subject to disorders of sexual behavior, it is possible to compare to symptoms suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction", - quotes the AFP agency of a statement of the WHO expert Jeffrey Read. In the updated release of the International classification of diseases of WHO compulsive disorder of sexual behavior will be defined as hyper sexuality, or inability to control strong sexual desire therefore people neglect the health though often the sexual proximity doesn't bring them satisfaction, it is told in the report of WHO. Entering of sexual dependence into the catalog of diseases of WHO and uniform definition of this frustration will serve as a starting point for establishment of medical diagnoses, purpose of the corresponding treatment and a possibility of the conclusion of the corresponding health insurances. The concept of "sexual dependence" has gained broad popularity against the background of distribution of the movement #MeToo within which people worldwide openly tell about how they became the victims of sexual violence. Charges of it cost pits to many famous politicians and artists, in particular, to the influential American producer Harvey Vanstein who, according to media, took a therapy course to get rid of sexual dependence. Inclusion of sexual dependence in the catalog of diseases of WHO can't be used as apology for criminal behavior, Jeffrey Read says. "It won't justify sexual harassments, violations or rapes", - the WHO expert claims. Similar cases belong to the field of criminal law and will still form the basis for attraction to judicial responsibility. Earlier it was reported that sex robot Samantha allocated with artificial intelligence was taught to refuse sexual intercourse. Source: The Russian service DW of News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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