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The programmer cracked the new system of protection Windows 10

The programmer cracked the new system of protection Windows 10
The Controlled Folder Access mechanism which deceived the "fake" program is responsible for protection in an operating system. The expert in the field of safety Aoyama Soy representing the Fujitsu System Integration Laboratories company showed a real way of breaking of new system of protection Windows 10. Writes Bleeping Computer about it. The Controlled Folder Access mechanism is responsible for protection of an operating system. It forbids unknown programs to change files in the protected folders. However to change a situation and to bypass protection, according to the conferee of DerbyCon, DLL injections can. The expert emphasized that the mechanism protects system only from those programs which are not in "the white list". And if to enter harmful DLL into the approved Conductor program at its start, then protection against trojans extortioners can be bypassed. Aoyam also noted absence in a security system of the built-in antivirus of Windows Defender, third-party products of Avast, ESET, Malwarebytes Premium and McAfee while they provide protection against trojans extortioners. Earlier it was reported that the corrected update of the Windows 10 operating system became available to loading. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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