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The procedural committee of BP has passed the decision on Vilkul

The procedural committee of BP has passed the decision on Vilkul
The people's deputy is accused of excess of office powers in stay by the chairman of the Dnieper RSA in 2011. The procedural committee of the Verkhovna Rada recognized as lawful representation of the State Office of Public Prosecutor on removal of parliamentary immunity from the People's Deputy from the Oppositional block Alexander Vilkul, 112 Ukraine report. During the meeting on Monday, October 8, the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko has described two episodes on which want to check legitimacy of actions of Vilkul. The first case concerns his activity at a position of the chairman of the Dnieper RSA in 2011. According to Lutsenko, then Vilkul has published the order about transfer for the benefit of PJSC Ordzhonikidzevsky mining and processing works of 15 hectares and several smaller sites "allegedly from lands of a stock, and actually from lands of collective property" for expansion of a pit. According to Lutsenko, it has entailed losses to the state in the sum for 486 thousand UAH. The second episode, according to the Prosecutor General, about illegal replacement of lands of agricultural appointment of the Artlend company by other commercial needs. The Prosecutor General has said that Vilkul could give oral instructions concerning such replacement of purpose of lands therefore the state has received less 5 million 139 thousand UAH. Vilkul has said that in the first case of the earth were and remained state, however were lands of a stock, and then have turned into rent and the state received money for their rent. "Artlend has transferred lands from agricultural purpose to pastures. It was made not by the Regional State Administration under my management, and the Dnipropetrovsk district state administration to which I neither actually, nor legally have no relation", - Vilkul has explained a situation on the second episode. At the same time he has said that in 2017 one of judges has granted permission for wiretap of the phone number registered on him according to the contract. Earlier today the committee of BP has supported idea of GPU of removal of inviolability from the people's deputy Dmitry Kolesnikov. We will remind, in the spring the committee of BP concerning regulations hasn't agreed to considerations of a question of removal of inviolability from Vilkul and Kolesnikov. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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