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The Pentagon was accused of creation of biological weapon

The Pentagon was accused of creation of biological weapon
The DARPA works on the insects extending GM-viruses. There say that they can be applied both for defense, and to the attack. The group of scientists has accused the Agency of perspective defensive research projects of the Pentagon DARPA of financing of the program for creation of biological weapon. Developers claim that the technology is necessary for improvement of properties of plants and will be used only for the good. Корреспондент.net tells details. Genetically modified insects In November, 2016 declared DARPA start of the Insect Allies program (Insects allies) for the total amount of grants of 27 million dollars. Her essence is in learning to edit genes of adult plants by means of the insects infected with a special virus. Four American universities work on the program. In the summer of 2017 the agency has concluded the first four-year contract according to this program, in experiments tomatoes and corn are used, and as insects tsikadka, whiteflies and plant louses who are ordinary carriers of diseases for plants are considered. It is supposed that by means of viruses which the technology of editing genes will be built in they will change genes of adult plants - and, for example, to increase their resistance to these or those conditions. For experiences corn and a tomato is used. The Pentagon says that horizontal editing genes in the environment, for example, by means of CRISPR technologies, is intended to help farmers with fight against droughts, frosts, wreckers, diseases of plants and other typical agricultural problems. The DARPA speaks, development of technology will allow to take emergency measures which will begin to work during an agricultural season - while other methods (including pesticides, a quarantine, destruction of plants) "are often inefficient against quickly developing threats and aren't suitable for rescue of adult plants". New biological weapon Biologists Richard Guy Reeves and Derek Caetano-Anolyes from the German Institute of evolutionary biology of Max Planck, the biologist Christoph Boet from Institute of evolutionary sciences of Montpellier, lawyers Zilya Feneki and Felix Beck from the University of Freiburg in article in the Science magazine have written that the program of genetic modification of plants of DARPA can be used for development of the new dangerous type of biological weapon. Scientists write in article that the vedreniye of such technologies will inevitably face insuperable barriers which the DARPA holds back. "As a result the program can be considered everywhere as effort on development of biological agents for hostile actions and a way of their delivery that would be violation of the Convention on biological weapon", - scientists write. The convention means the ban of development, production and accumulation of stocks of bacteriological (biological) and toksinny weapon and destruction of already existing. In article it is emphasized that such production won't find the place neither in the USA, nor in any other country as isn't present рег



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