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The NSDC has reacted to Rada's request on TV channels

The NSDC has reacted to Rada's request on TV channels
Turchynov doesn't see obstacles quickly to consider the appeal of parliament according to sanctions against 112 Ukraine and NewsOne. The appeal of the Verkhovna Rada to the NSDC about imposition of sanctions against the companies entering into structure of property of TV channels 112 Ukraine and NewsOne concerns only their founders. It was said by the secretary of the NSDC Oleksandr Turchynov, Interfax Ukraine tells. "The Ukrainian Parliament has the right to address the NSDC with an initiative of imposition of sanctions and he acted within the powers. We didn't receive the official text of this decision yet, but what was discussed, says that sanctions will be directed against founders of these channels", - Turchynov has told. He has noted that TV channels 112 have Ukraine and NewsOne complex structure of property, but in it, "certainly, there are nonresidents" Ukraine. "In the law there are positions when sanctions can be applied also to the Ukrainian legal entities. It is about terrorist activity, and promotion of terrorism is a component terrorist activity", - Turchynov has added. The secretary of the NSDC has specified that he doesn't see any obstacles to that the appeal of the Verkhovna Rada has been quickly considered by the NSDC. As it was reported, the day before Rada recommended to the NSDC to impose sanctions against the companies which are included into structure of property of TV channels 112 Ukraine and NewsOne. In 112 Ukraine say that the application on sanctions confirms serious threat to freedom of speech and independence of media. The National union of journalists of Ukraine considers the decision of parliament illegal. News отв Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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