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The new leader in the market of sparkling Marengo wines of Ukraine

The new leader in the market of sparkling Marengo wines of Ukraine has pressed the settled leaders and has presented format champagne a magnum. Svyatoslav Nechitaylo's company BAYADERA GROUP has confirmed the status of the largest alcoholic holding of the country, having become the leader now and on sales of champagnes and sparkling wines. According to data of the international research company RTRI Marengo – champagne No. 1 in Ukraine from shares of 11,3% of the market. TM Marengo - the permanent leader of the market of Vermouths for 12 years which needed only 2 years to subdue and the market of the Ukrainian champagne - in 2017 is already sold to nearly 5 million bottles. It has allowed a brand to become the leader of sales from shares of 13% in kind and 11% in monetary. In anticipation of peak of New Year's sales the Marengo brand has presented champagne in a bottle format a magnum (1,5 l). According to wine experts, a magnum – the ideal size for storage of wines. The magnum provides to wine equal and soft maturing. Sparkling bottles of such capacity of the road in production - their production requires high-quality glass and the difficult equipment. Besides, high-capacity sparkling bottles differ also in big weight — glass of a magnum has to maintain the excessive pressure about 500 kPa (5 atmospheres). Blends are created from grapes of the best European grades: Chardonnay, Aligote, Pino Blanc, Pino-gri, Pino-nuar, Riesling Rhine, Irshai Oliver, Sauvignon, Traminer. Production of the TM Marengo sparkling wine happens on the French technology - the Charm method. The best blend of sparkling wines is created (assemblage) which ripens in wraparound tanks that allows to control quality of drink throughout all process.

B a line of the Marengo sparkling wines was replenished 2017 with two bonus positions - Extra Brut and Moscato which are already exported to the countries of Asia and the USA.



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