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The national team of Ukraine of U-20 started with a victory on the FIFA World Cup

Combined Aleksandra Petrakova in an opening match of a tournament beat the USA. The national team of Ukraine on soccer of U-20 won the first victory in the World Cup-2019 which takes place in Poland. In an opening match "blue-yellow" in Bielsko-Biala beat the peers from the USA - 2:1. Ukraine began a duel carefully, the second number, but at the same time great defended, and to the middle of a time removed a game from the gate. In the same piece the Ukrainian football players was successful in the only blow in an alignment for the first half, and it became productive. Geogy Tsitaishvili transfer from the central circle brought Sergey Buletsu before the goalkeeper, that the case won fight against the rival and the first contact punched by the goalkeeper. However, Ukrainians rejoiced only five minutes: the mnogokhodovka of Americans ended with a lumbago from the left flank, and Brandon Servaniya was barefaced on the line goalkeeper and quietly punched by Andrey Lunin. Before a break Americans could come forward, but Lunin coped with Méndez's blow under a crossbeam. The second half began with the most dangerous blow of Tsitaishvili: the Dynamo member moved away the defender and punched on the center because of the penalty area – a crossbeam. Americans answered with dangerous blow of Méndez which was reflected by Lunin. And still the goal happened in gate of the national team of the USA - Denis Popov will respond to Buletsa's canopy from angular and the head transported a ball to a grid. Could kill to a final whistle both teams. At the national team of the USA Méndez's blow in the 76th minute had in a bar, and at us before the most final whistle of Supryaga did not manage to beat the head the goalkeeper. The victory 2:1 over the USA gives to Ukraine good prospects on an exit from group. In other duel of group D football players of Nigeria with the score 4:0 crushed the national team of Qatar which Alexander Petrakov's wards will meet on May 27. The victory precisely guarantees to Petrakov's wards getting into the playoffs. Ukraine U-20 — the USA U-20 2:1
Goals: Buletsa, 26, Popov, 51 — Servaniya, 32 Ukraine U-20: Lunin — Hemp, the Cooper, Popov, Beskorovayny — Korniyenko, Musolitin — Tsitaishvili (Kashchuk, 78), Hakhlev (Cech, 86), Buletsa (Ustimenko, 75) — Supryaga. USA U-20: Scott — Dest, Gloucester (Real, 69), Richards, Keitha — Servaniya (Soto, 65), Derkin, Pomikal, Méndez — de la Fuente (Renniks, 84), Weah. Preventions: Tsitaishvili, Musolitin, the Cooper — Méndez, Derkin.



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