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The most rare bird in the world was found in Brazil

In Brazil 23 years later scientists found the most rare bird in the world again – топаколо Shtrezemanna.
the Brazilian scientists found one of the most rare birds on the planet, Science Alert reports.
Is about a bird топаколо Merulaxis stresemanni who differs in unusual singing.
Is noted, in the world there were only several individuals of this bird species. Topakolo Shtrezemanna were for the first time noticed in the 1830th years.

the Rare bird of the average size with a long tail and characteristic bristles on a forehead. Still топаколо Shtrezemanna differs in unusual singing.
was reported Earlier that the oldest bird in the world laid egg. Besides, in Germany exotic birds to Nantes bred. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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