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The MOON has started the new catalog of new buildings for the Flatfy project

The MOON has started the new catalog of new buildings for the Flatfy project
The online platform for search of housing of Flatfy - a brand under which the Ukrainian company Lunpredstavlena ​​ abroad, has started one more catalog of new buildings - now in Azerbaijan! The search engine of the real estate of the MOON doesn't stop and continues to conquer more and more countries the product. The new catalog of new buildings in Azerbaijan - New.flatfy.Сайт on design and functionality same pleasant and convenient as well as other projects of Flatfy is started. The catalog has been started in two languages at once: Russian and Azerbaijani. Primary market of Azerbaijan develops active rates. Now in base of the catalog of new buildings Flatfy there are 195 new projects which construction conducts 117 companies. Even more often foreigners buy the real estate in Baku, both for life, and for business (including constantly growing flow of tourists, apartments for rent are in stable demand). No wonder, the fine climate, ample investment opportunities, the affordable prices of housing - all this strongly draws attention of investors. It has turned out that the cost of the cheapest new apartments in Baku starts with 235 dollars for a square. The closer to the sea - the housing cost is higher. The prices of more elite apartments begin from 770 dollars for square meter. If you dream of the new house in Azerbaijan long ago, look at various options of new apartments in Baku, especially on the first line from the sea very active building is conducted. We will remind, Flatfy - a brand under which the domestic company on online search of housing of the MOON is presented at the international market. In view of rates of development of primary real estate, it is possible to expect emergence of new catalogs of new buildings in the new countries in the nearest future. Today search of housing of Flatfy is presented in 37 countries of the world. Catalogs of new buildings - in 8.



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