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The MFA of Russia accused Volcker of destruction of Minsk-2

The MFA of Russia accused Volcker of destruction of Minsk-2
The special representative of the USA supports the Minsk Agreement only in words, consider in Moscow. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation said that the special representative Gosdeprtamenta of the USA across Ukraine Curt Volcker works for destruction of the Minsk agreements. It is reported on the website of the department on Friday, October 12. "Supporting in words the Minsk Agreement, Curt Volcker in practice works for their destruction", - it is said in the statement. It is noted that the concept advanced by it about UN peacekeepers and establishments on Donbass of the international military civil authorities with the subsequent transfer of the region under control of Kiev "without providing to the region the special status and safety of its population is aimed at it as it was agreed in Minsk". Department also noted that Volcker's statement that placement of the UN Mission in Donbass will allow to keep the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR, "causes bewilderment". In the Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized that under the Minsk Agreement there are signatures of representatives of "republics". "There is a reasonable question whether K. Volcker read in general fundamental documents of the Ukrainian settlement in which, it seems, is engaged. Or for the USA same "illegal immigrants" are the observers of OSCE who are in Ukraine the fifth year as about them too nothing is told in the legislation of this country?", - it is said in the statement. In the Russian Foreign Ministry also remembered Volcker's appeals to strengthening of sanctions pressure upon Russia, "what absolutely is beyond his mandate". "Standing up for expansion of deliveries to Kiev of arms of the striking action, the special representative of the USA obviously does not help settlement of the conflict", - noted in department. Earlier Volcker said that six countries are ready to send the peacekeepers to Donbass. At the end of September he discussed a situation in the east of Ukraine with the president Petro Poroshenko. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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