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The long dream is dangerous to pregnant women – scientists

The dream lasting more than nine hours can provoke an abortion on the late term of pregnancy.
can lead more than nine hours the Continuous dream to loss of the child or premature birth. Scientists from the University of Michigan (USA) came to such conclusion, having studied influence of a dream at pregnant women, EurekAlert tells!
participated In a research of more than 600 women from whom they 153 lost the child in the last month. Other 480 people were or are pregnant on the third trimester, or recently gave rise.
Became clear that frequent awakenings of the woman during night sleep have the protective mechanism for future child. The continuous dream can lead more than nine hours to loss of the child or premature birth.
Scientists intend to understand the reasons of similar communication. According to them, night awakenings increase arterial blood pressure and activate the autonomic nervous system. we Will remind
, earlier at cheny called danger of a day dream. Besides, experts established that the sleep debt bears danger of death. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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