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The last article of Stephen Hawking is published

The last article of Stephen Hawking is published
The great scientist in collaboration with colleagues from Britain worked forty years on a subject of hit of matter in a black hole. In Network the latest work of the greatest cosmologist and physicist-theorist Stephen Hawking appeared. The scientific article appeared on the server of prepublications of Cornell University. Work of the last 40 years of life of the scientist considers options of behavior of substance in black holes. As Hawking's coauthors in this article scientists from the Cambridge and Harvard universities acted. In the scientific article experts led by Stephen Hawking tried to understand what properties can appear at separate objects at hit in singularity. Also scientists wanted to understand how information on an object which got to a black hole and whether it is possible to restore it is saved. The greatest physicist and the cosmologist of the present Stephen Hawking died on the 77th year of life on March 14, 2018. After the death of the scientist sent a radio signal with Hawking's words to space. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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The Spanish club obviously liked the Ukrainian wingbacks. The Ukrainian left defender of youth team of Ukraine on soccer Orestes Lebedenco passed from the Lviv Carpathians into Lugo, informs the official site of Spaniards. Orestes signed the contract with Spaniards till 2023, and the transfer sum meanwhile is not reported, however Soccer TV channel...

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The national Securities Commission announced exposure of swindlers who illegally sold to Ukrainians shares of Tesla. The national Securities Commission and to the stock market announced exposure of sw...

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The beginning of year was successful for our players in Rozvadov. The Ukrainian athletes won already thousands of euros in big tournaments and pollacks events In the Czech Rozvadov who now often call...

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In the published pictures the car is deprived of a camouflage. It will enter the market at the end of the current year. Š koda Superb disclosed appearance of the flagman liftback to an official debut....