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The largest military exercises in the history of the Russian Federation started

The largest military exercises in the history of the Russian Federation started
About 300 thousand soldiers, more than one thousand planes and helicopters, to 36 thousand tanks, up to 80 ships are involved in maneuvers. On Tuesday, September 11, in Russia have begun the most large-scale in the history the doctrine - the East-2018. Have reported about it in the Russian Defense Ministry. "All about 300 thousand Russian servicemen, more than 1 thousand planes, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles, to 36 thousand tanks, armored personnel carriers and other cars, up to 80 ships and support vessels are involved in maneuvers", - it is said in the statement. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, bodies of military management and army of two military districts - East and Central and also forces of the Northern Fleet, connection of Airborne troops, distant and military transport aircraft of Aerospace forces are attracted to the doctrine. Maneuvers will take place from September 11 to September 17 in the territory and in sea water areas of the Far East of Russia. The Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoygu directs the doctrine. The purpose of maneuvers - working off of application of trans-species army groups for the benefit of ensuring military safety of the Russian Federation. "Maneuvers will take place in two stages. During the first expansion of group of troops in the Far East, building of groups of forces of Navy in northern, Far East sea areas will be complete, questions of the organization of interaction and comprehensive ensuring military operations for the benefit of performance of objectives are fulfilled", - it is said in the statement of the Russian Defense Ministry. According to military, at the second stage commanders and headquarters will fulfill questions of management of troops of trans-species groups with practical working off of defensive and offensive actions. The Russian Defense Ministry has said that the main actions of troops will take place on general grounds of the Eastern Military District - Tsugol, Bamburovo, Radygino, Uspenovsky, Bikin and also on grounds of the Air Force and Litovko's air defense, New rural, Telemba and the Bay Anna, in Beringov's water areas and Okhotsk the seas, the Avacha and Kronotsky gulfs. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, divisions of the People's Liberation Army of China will participate in a draw of joint practical actions on the Tsugol ground. Earlier it was reported that in Georgia the international doctrines with participation of the countries of NATO and Ukraine have begun. Also the first joint exercises of Ukraine and Romania have taken place. News from the Correspondent.netv of Telegram. Subscribe for our channel



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